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Picked this up yesterday for a little over €100.
She's a Mk2 Polo 'Classic', in what should be tornado red.
She's not starting yet, due to a severe lack of distributor...and probably a lot of other things. Here's how it looks at the moment...

From a practical point of view, it's going to need:

>A new driver's door, the current one's letting in water
>Some dents pulled & spot rust treated
>A respray

>Two new tail lights
>A distributor
>New filters, oil change, fresh tank of petrol, etc.
>Four matching wheels would be nice...

From a "Scene" point of view
, it's going to need:

>To be dropped. A lot.
>Banded Steels

>Nicer plates.
>Something bigger than a 1.0 under the bonnet.

I need a job.

Comments & ideas welcome

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Interior clean finally complete. Took a lot longer than expected, but I'm very pleased with the results.



Thanks a million to mgavin01 for these beauties, and for the other bits (distributor

Time to get cracking on the engine!
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