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This has always been a controversial one, most people insist that the dashboard needs to be removed to change the matrix in a Corrado, I've read that it could be done without removing it though, so decided to try it while I was changing mine.

The procedure is as follows:

Working in the engine bay remove the 3 10mm nuts that secure the heater / fan unit, also disconnect the two pipes from the heater matrix.

Remove dash undertrays (they are screwed to the dash and centre console)

Remove the glovebox (open the door, two screws at the top, two at the bottom under a plastic strip) You will also need to remove the glovebox light, clips out easily.

Remove the ashtray from the centre console, remove the screw behind it, prise off the surround covering the heater controls, remove the 4 screws holding the control panel in.

Remove the metal bracket to the right of the glovebox as in the picture, this is the key factor in giving enough room to remove the heater box.

At the front of the heater distributor there is a plastic panel held on by two plastic 10mm nuts, remove these nuts and remove the panel, its a little fiddly as its connected to the r/h and centre vent pipes. At the base of the heater unit there is a screw holding the lower section on, remove this.

Now remove the plastic nut beside the heater fan and disconnect the wiring plug.

Disconnect the l/h heater duct.

Now remove the heater box and fan unit, should be plenty of room to get it out by moving it down and towards you. You can disconnect the fan section if you wish to make it easier to remove by splitting at the joint in this picture:

There are 6 clips holding them together (2 front, two back, one at the top and bottom)

Once you get this far its self explanatory, two screws hold the matrix in, so new matrix in its only a matter of reversing the above to put it back together again, refill the system and enjoy having a working heater again

Few pictures, old matrix:

Old and New:

Proof that its removable without taking the dash out:

Screws that hold the matrix in are visible here:


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Hi all
Thanks for this guide - really useful and am just trying this today after my matrix blew last week.
Generic related question…
Trying to tackle the 3 engine bay nuts and the lower one has rusted tight onto the bolt. Have tried to loosen it with WD40, tried mole grips but it just spins with the bolt. Any bright ideas appreciated!
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