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Corrado 16v Project

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Been working on this on and off for the past year now, its been coming together in recent weeks. There is still plenty to do on it but most of the messy stuff is out of the way.

I only have a few pics of the progress to date most of which is before.

Breakdown of things done on it to date

Suspension Brakes & drivetrain
New front wishbones & bushes
New front ball joints
New anti roll bar link rods and bushes
New anti roll bar bushes (front center)
Steering tie rod left and right sides
New rear axel bushes
H&R coilovers & top mounts
OMC upper/lower and rear strut braces
Goodridge Braded rear brake lines (conversion lines for mrk iv calipers)
Sparco Braded front brake lines
Zimmerman rear disks
280mm Zimmerman X drilled front disks
Mrk iv rear callipers + pagid road pads
New rear wheel bearing sets on both sides
S2 2 pot front calipers
Pagid fast rd pads for S2 calipers
New VW front brake plates
DOT 4 Brake fluid

Engine & fuel injection
Skimmed and polished head
New gaskets all round water flange/throttle body inlet/out manifold
New head gasket & valve seals
Flushed ISV and cold start valve to clean out dirt
New bosche spark plugs
Polished rocker cover & inlet manifold & alternator
Ported & flushed throttle body
Flushed inlet manifold
Trimsport power rhor
Braded fuel lines
Blue Ignitor HT Leads
K&N air filter
New oil filler cap
New coolant temp sender for ISV
Oil pressure switches (4)
Alternator/water pump belt
Power steering belt
New distributer Bosch
Bosch starter motor
New VW Timing belt tensioner

Wheels & tyres
16' BBS with Perelli P Zero 195/55 tyres
New locknuts and deep wheel nuts all round

Cooling system
New oil cooler
16V Samco sport hose set
New water pump & thermostat
New Expansion bottle + cap
Braded water pipes *2
Replaced radiator fan + wiring

3 spoke VR6 leather steering wheel
New polished seat handles
Parcel shelf
VW Gamma head unit from mrk iv golf

New O/S door
Replaced door haldles
New 4 bar grill + red VW 16V badge
Replaced spoiler mechanism
Lupo Gti wiper conversion

New switches oil pressure switches and sensors
Spoiler control module + motor
5-6 fuses
New wiring for head unit
Uprated headlight wiring loom

There is a new oil cooler on the way with sandwich plate and braded lines, going in after Christmas. As well as one of these


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all sounds top notch barry
best of luck with it
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it all looks good Baza, im really liking thoes rear brakes

nice job done
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