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Car Names

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AUDI - Always Unsafe Designs Implemented.

BMW - Big Money Works. Brutal Money Waster. Black Man's Willy.

HONDA - Had One Never Did Again.

SAAB - Swedish Automobiles Always Breakdown. Sorry Arsed Auto Builders.

VW - Virtually Worthless.

Surley we can come up with better translations than that.

I can only think of one at the monent: VW - Vagina Wetter
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FIAT = Fix It Again Tomorrow
BMW = Bent My Willy

FIAT = Fucking Itallian Arsebandit Technicians
BMW = Bought My Wife

HONDA = Happy Owners Never Drive Another

FORD = Found On Russian Dump

FORD (backwards) = Driver Returns On Foot

FORD = First On Rust and Decay

GM = General Maintenence
BMW = Bring Mechanic With

FORD = First On Rubbish Dump
and my favourite...

LOTUS = Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

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QUOTE (kvw @ Dec 22 2005, 08:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>LOTUS = Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

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