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Brought My Car To Get The Coil Packs Changed Today

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Booked the car into sheehy's last week to get the coil packs changed, the lad on the phone said that yeah, it was due to be changed under the recall.
So, I dropped it in this afternoon, left it with them for the rest of the day, got a phone call at 5 to say it was ready for collection.
Asked the girl did they change all 4, she tell's me that they said they checked all 4 coil packs and they were grand so none were changed??? WTF
Why, did they tell me on the phone that they needed to be changed if then they don't change them at all!
The girl didn't have many answer's for me, lucky I hadn't taken a half day, I would have blown my top altogether!!
Have to say, I fcuking hate dealer's, the majority of them haven't got a clue when it come's to it, much prefer using independent specialists who know what their talking about, i.e. Geo and the like....
Pis$ed off....
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There's another thread on this Mark. They probably can't tell whether they need changing or not without inspecting the actual part number on the coil. Some need changing, some don't apparently.
Yea, but I quoted the part number's to the lad on the phone, I took them out last week to see if they came under the recall and they did!
Ok that bit wasn't mentioned in original post.
Yea, sorry.
Thats why I'm so annoyed about it. It'd be different if I had brought it up to inspect if they were due changing.
I was told that they were...... ah well!!
Out to the garden with a few cans of bud to calm down!
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Which car was this mark?
QUOTE (T J Hooker @ Apr 29 2011, 12:15 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Which car was this mark?

The '01 Gti, the vRS is probably due aswell!
I've replaced two of my coils in 10 months on my mk5 gti.
QUOTE (T J Hooker @ Apr 29 2011, 06:39 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've replaced two of my coils in 10 months on my mk5 gti.

Me Too... I carry one in the boot all the time!
i got my car serviced in P&R, didnt realise mine were due. they had it marked on the job card waiting for me
QUOTE (Stiofán @ Apr 29 2011, 04:59 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>After Timmy confirmed definitively that my car was liable for the recall (thanks for that Timmy!), I had to produce the recall notice to the garage to get them to do the job today. On Tuesday they took the car in for the recall, marked it on their system as done, but left the original coils in. Only discovered it when I got to work that morning. Not a solitary word of apology for putting the extra trip on me or wasting my time either.

The moral here lads is take note of the P/Ns of your original coils, and if they are due to be changed, don't leave the dealer till they're done, or they've at least committed to doing them. I hate to think how many cars have gone in for the recall and are still on their original coils due to dealer negligence.

It's not the first time that I've heard something like happen at a main dealer. I heard of a few people being charged for new plugs, but the plugs were never changed. two people I know had marked the plugs with a spot of tipp-ex so when they were picking up the car, checked them and sure enough they were the original tipp-ex marked plugs.......and four new plugs on the invoice!

On a side note Stiofan, I saw you on the Stillorgan dualler the other day and your GTI is a very nice example, very very clean
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Did you drop the W12 in for the recall Tony? thats a lot of tipex!!
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