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hi all,
i had plans to turn this into a trackday car, as i dont have a logbook for it, but i have to many cars now at the moment so its gota go,
its a 25xt ef2, which im told is rare enough, i might be able to get a logbook for it but i wouldnt be to sure.
i also have a spare engine, box, and engine wiring loom.
dont know how much this is worth to people, but ill put a price at 400e for the lot and see what happens.
anyone who is interested can pm me. no time wasters please cause i dont have it to waste.
it was runing a dream a few years back but has been laid up since then, it aint pretty but its all there.
pictures were taken last year during the summer, dont mind the date on the pictures, but it probobly doesnt look the same either.

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