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hey folks, I've located an excellent VW breakers yard in the UK under the name of William Clay, tansley wood mills, lumsdale road, matlock, derbyshire DR4 5EX (Thats' a "five" by the way ) +44 (0)7836 338330.

They stock only MKIV Golfs' and seem to be very reasonable price-wise.

Travelling there to collect a few parts thursday (same day rtn). So, if anyone is looking for parts for their mkiv golfs and need anything collected (engine components, plastic fascia, bumpers, wheels etc etc), contact the above number, to see if the parts you want are there, then contact me so i can take stock as to whether or not that whatever it is you need can be brought back in the estate, and if so, allow you then to organise payment with the proprietor and I'll bring back with me.

pm' me / ring 0871219232


ps....driving the following should be able to collect stuff along the way too.

Route 20 April - 21 April
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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