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Anyone Recognise This Rallye

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Does the owner hang around on here? Nice looking Car.

More Pics

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Does any of the Cork lads know this car I wonder....seems like he's just back from the UK?

"I live in co cork ireland .the rallye is pretty much the same as i bought it .i got it resprayed for starters so ill go on from there.not too knolagable about the tecnical side of the car.Im less my charger since saturday so im going the full hog on the engine bay.under the hood a bit of paint ,engine out ,and a stage 4 charger,and I'll see what else happens along the way. "
AFAIK, that used be the Kelly's Car from Rathdrum
Glenn was the lads name who used own it, he was on the old site
fantastic looking car whoever ownes it
not a scratch on it
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Thats Glenns car alright, it was for sale a few months back, not sure if it was sold or not

fine car though
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Yeah I was interested in buying it but finances wouldn't allow it at the time:(
wow thats shinny leather

its amazing that a 17 year old car still looks brand new its a credit to the owner

oops my bad
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QUOTE (benkenobi @ Jan 17 2006, 02:28 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>wow thats shinny leather

its amazing that a 20 year old car still looks brand new its a credit to the owner

Did I miss 3 years or something
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its pretty mint ,great condition for its age.
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