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Anorak Questions (again)

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whats an AEG engine, is it the 2 litre n/a mk4 golf gti engine? is it 8v crossflow?

do ecp or gsf sell o e gaskets, etc.or who does sell o e gaskets?

how long has it taken other peoples gear to come from the states?is a fortnight+ common?

im sure theres more questions, just cant think of them
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hope this helps:

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two litre crossflow i think.

what block are you using? if you are putting the AEB head on a 2 litre block there is a good thread on vwvortex
Some thing's from the states can take longer, sometimes not worth the hassle, espcially if the parts are incorrect. Ecp and gsf sometimes use rhienz gaskets, which are very good, but not much difference in price from local factors.

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