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1.9 Diesel - Vr6 Engine Transplant

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just found a 93 vr6 engine up the north for cheap money, it has done aroud 80k miles and he is sellin the complete car for 1000stg but its wrote off (roof damage) and he said it's irrepairable
if i was to buy it off him i would be fully rebuilding the engine ...
but could anyone tell me if they can give problems and whats the common faults with these engines and if anyone knows how hard it would be to carry out the transplant ???

i know i was talkin about this a few months ago but know that i found a good deal and have a car for the winter allows me to leave the golf in the garage and tap away at it after work, and it comes with bbs rims which would help fund the rebuild if i were to sell them

any replys very much appreciated .....

and the car will be just a show/weekend car if all goes well !!!!
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If you have a complete donor car then it wouldn't be too bad a job to do the conversion.

Still a lot of work in it though as you would basically have to transfer everything from the donor car to yours including engine + box (obviously!) front subframe and suspension, all the wiring and pedal box and all the rest of the bits for the hydraulic clutch. You'd also have to change the rear axles to match the wider track front from the VR6.

The engines don't give much trouble really, when you have the engine out I would get the head rebuilt and have a look at the bottom end, it will probably be ok with a set of rings, then rebuild the engine with new timing chains, tensioners and guide rails.

So basically there's nothing that difficult about it apart from the volume of work involved.
I wouldn't get the head skimmed. Just get it checked and only skim it if you need to. You shouldn't need to because the VR6 gives very little head trouble. New valve stem seals and probably guides will probably be needed though. That and a set of rings and the engine should be fine.

When you are changing the timing chain, make sure and fit the later type top chain tensioner pad as it is a much better design than the old one. I have the part number for it here somewhere if you need it.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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