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00 Golf Tdi Warning Light

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00 golf tdi warning light,

oil light stayed on for 5mins while driving, temp guage
droped totally also.

oil and water ok,

would it be sensor problems???????

thanks again!
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What colour was the warning light yellow or red?
ive had a similar problem with my 01 mk4 golf 1yellow light came on and wat happened was all the oil went to one side of the engine just keep checking it reguraly ! then one nite i was driving it very hard and the red engine oil light came on and it kept beeping ! problem was that it spiled out the oil out the head of the air filter really messy so but standard airbox back on ! theres a sensor right under the air breather box !
Make sure your coolant is at the min level
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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