Hi guys,

I'm going to be running a training day on one of the Sundays in January. I have had some requests for it previously and have a few names already. If need be, I will do two days as I wouldn't try cram too many people into the one day.

It will consist mainly of a brief intro to prepping, claying, tar removal, wheel cleaning and the chems that are used to greatest efficiency on that side. Then the main part of the day will involve DA Machine Paint Correction. How to get the best from Microfibre & Foam Pads. There will be a brief introduction to rotary polishing but not too much time. I will be showing how to use a DA to almost the same efficiency as a rotary anyway.

The price for the day's training is €100 per person, payable in advance. I'm not looking for it now though although one of the guys has already declared that its going to be his Christmas present from his g/f.

That reminds me, vouchers are available for Christmas with a nice seasonal motif on it. Redeemable for products and services biggrin.gif

If you are interested in the training, send me an email to [email protected] so I know who you are.