Major Service For €195

Pilsen Auto the home of Škoda in west Dublin have another great offer for customers to avail of. The offer is a major car service for €195 on any car make or model. This full service includes: Oil, Fuel, Pollen, Air filter changes Campaign Check.

€49 Air Con Service

Summertime acts as the perfect reminder to get your car’s air conditioning system serviced at Pilsen Auto. Air Con Service includes the following: draining all refrigerant; cleaning of system; checking for leaks; recharging refrigerant and lubricant and checking system operating pressures. Allow approximately 1 hour.

Timing Belt Special Offer Only €395

Why have your timing belt checked? Your timing belt is the most important maintenance item in your engine. Think of your timing belt as the conductor of the complex mechanical orchestra that is your car’s engine. If things dont happen just at the right time, the whole piece is thrown in to turmoil.The timing belt is vital to your SKODA’S health. It’s important to keep an eye on it – an expert’s eye! That’s Pilsen Auto, the offer includes timing belt replacement, coolant pump, and coolant from only €395.

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